Many years of experience, highly motivated employees, optimally designed manufacturing facility, validated processes, coordinated teams that can function beyond department constraints – these are our advantages. We are thereby the right partner for the processing of serial parts and custom components of the highest quality. Using CAM programming, we are also able to produce highly complex geometries.

We specialize in the processing of the following materials which we have in inventory:

  • CoCr alloys (cast and forged)

  • Titanium alloys

  • Stainless steels of various grades

  • Implant plastics UHMWPE, PEEK, PEKK

  • Instrument plastics POM, PROPYLUX, PEI etc.

  • Additive manufactured components (order-specific)


With a variety of CNC lathes, we are in a position to produce simple to highly complex components of the highest quality. Using appropriate automated solutions, but also nonautomated systems, we can easily and flexibly respond to the requests and requirements of our customers. We process both plastics as well as high-alloy metals with great expertise and experience using short and long turning processes. We are the specialists when it comes to machining implant materials.


In the area of milling, we have a broad range of systems we use to process diverse metal and plastic components. Here, too, flexibility is emphasized so we can meet various demands. We also offer automated solutions that enable unmanned production. We have 5-axis machining centers as well as simultaneous machining solutions.

Plastics machining

In the plastics sector, we also have broad experience and detailed knowhow that enable us to produce highly complex components of excellent quality. Both turning and milling are carried out in dry machining without using lubricating coolant to avoid potential contamination. Additionally, these steps take place in separate, climate-controlled room, which affords us very stable processes.