The cleanliness and integrity of the products manufactured by us must be guaranteed also after they leave our facility up until the time of application, as the components can fulfill their purpose only if they reach patients in undamaged condition. This is ensured through validated packaging processes. The products packaged in the cleanroom are “boxed” into sales units outside the cleanroom and then sterilized using radiation. The packaging includes corresponding labels that ensure clear identification of the products at all times.

Low-germ Packaging – Safe and Protected

Manufactured products are packaged in the cleanroom so that they are protected and reach the operating room in immaculate condition. We offer the option of sealing components in a peel pouch or blister packaging. Extensive monitoring activities ensure that our packaging processes are controlled and safe.

Cleanroom Assembly – A High Degree of Sensitivity

We also offer the option of assembling various parts into a multi-component implant in the cleanroom. We have various systems in place that ensure that assembly processes run safely, and in a controlled and repeatable manner.