When it comes to guaranteeing functional and visual surface features of the highest quality, you have come to the right place. Especially in the area of articular surfaces, we can draw on our extensive breadth and depth of experience. We are therefore in a position to finish both convex and concave joint surfaces in the highest quality and thereby contribute to joint function that is as wear-resistant as possible. In addition, we also offer various grinding processes for shape processing as well as blasting processes to meet visual and functional specifications.

Honing – excellent surfaces

Through honing/grinding, we achieve the perfect geometry and surface in terms of size and shape. This applies to both convex and concave articulating surfaces. We far exceed the respective standard requirements regarding shape, quality, and size, and thus contribute to wear-resistant joint pairings. We offer both form-fitting as well as flexible honing processes.

Polishing – Superfinishing

We finish the visually perfect surface either by manual polishing or using a drag finishing system. In both cases, we achieve absolutely flawless, high-luster polished surfaces that meet the most stringent requirements. We can polish all metallic implant materials, including titanium materials. The quality of the processes is ensured by 100% process-independent visual controls.

Electropolishing – flawless surfaces

Complex geometric designs, which are difficult or even impossible to polish mechanically, are polished in a galvanic manner. This proven process is especially applicable for steel components, but can also be used for titanium materials.

Blasting – more than just decorative

In addition to visual effects, blasting can also achieve functional surfaces. In this regard, we offer processes with various blasting media (white corundum, ceramics, glass beads) in different grain sizes.