The cleanliness of the components we manufacture is crucial for their application as a medical device. We are therefore very careful to keep contamination to a minimum already during the machining process. Additionally, we use validated cleaning processes which guarantee that only completely clean, residue-free components are delivered. Using monitoring capabilities, we can demonstrate that cleanliness is consistently warranted. In addition to cleaning of products manufactured by us, we are also happy to provide cleaning services for supplied components.

Fine cleaning – not just clean, but pure

Using sophisticated, multi-step cleaning processes, we ensure that the products manufactured by us are completely clean in terms of any foreign material or microbial load. Depending on order specifications and type of material, this may include passivation in a nitric acid bath (Nitric 2).
We provide proof of cleanliness through broad lab analyses carried out at independent external facilities.

Final rinse – highly purified water cleaning system

As a final step, components manufactured by us are rinsed with highly purified water. With this treatment, we ensure that any potentially remaining minute foreign particles are removed, and the products can be hygienically transferred to the cleanroom. The highly purified water as well as the cleaned products undergo extensive monitoring.