Your partner for the entire process chain for the manufacture of surgical components.

Passion for Medical Devices

We live / love quality! The products manufactured by us restore a piece of quality of life. Depending on their application, the components must meet the most stringent requirements. We meet these requirements with specific knowhow, commitment, lifeblood, motivation and, yes – passion.

Quality and Precision since 1980

Our many years of experience help us to better understand requirements and to design processes in a way that ensures that specifications are met in a sustainable and consistent manner. We know what our customers need and meet their requirements with the utmost precision and safety.

Flexibility meets Process Mastering

Flexibility is important to our customers, as are controlled processes. That these are not mutually exclusive, we confirm with our work on a daily basis. Incorporating both automated and manual processing, our production is flexible, enabling us to meet the highest quality requirements.

Qualified Equipment – Validated Processes

Prior to operation, our machines and systems undergo extensive qualification and regular reviews thereafter. The same applies to all critical processes, which are carefully tested through validations. This ensures that controlled processes run on appropriate and stable systems.

Reliability and On-Time-Delivery

Our customer can count on us in any situation. Together with our partners, we look for the best possible solutions to any challenges and implement these in a coordinated and timely manner. Our focus is always on quality and on-time delivery.

Facts & Figures

  • Founded in 1980

  • SME with approx. 50 employees

  • Modern manufacturing facility with various CNC lathes and milling machines

  • Specialized in the processing of convex and concave articular surfaces

  • Processing of diverse special metals and plastics

  • Extensive services ranging from development to sterile product

Certified Quality

As a traditional subcontractor for various manufacturers/distributors, we have ISO 13485:2016 certification. Additionally, we are registered and approved in Japan, Korea, by the FDA and ANVISA (Brazil).