We must be able to verify compliance with specifications. Accordingly, verification of components is very important to us and we spend enormous effort when it comes to providing such verification. We have a broad array of the latest measuring and testing devices at our disposal, in addition to conventional measuring instruments. High-precision measurements are carried out by our specialists in climate-controlled rooms.

Verification specifications are provided by the customer and defined for every product using process FMEA.

CMM – measuring in all dimensions

4 modern, automated coordinate measuring machines enable us to carry out extensive and sophisticated measurements using tactile or scanning sensors.

Surface measurement – from fine to rough

Depending on the application, rough or very fine surfaces are required. In all cases, we must be able to guarantee that we have complied with specifications. In addition to standardized processes, we have appropriate measuring systems with which we can produce the required verification.

Roundness measurement – here, it is all about shape

We can provide metrological verification also in reference to roundness in order to confirm our compliance with normative specifications.

Video measurement – no candid camera

Furthermore, we also have a video measuring instrument at our disposal for testing of contours. This allows us to precisely test even difficult-to-measure components.